I believe in the Promise of America

Join me in restoring common sense and hope!

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I'm Guy Ciarrocchi

Everything seems to be going in the wrong direction. But, there’s hope. Someone has to stand up and speak out against the ever-growing, arrogant, and out-of-touch government to restore the promise of America. Sadly, Congresswoman Houlahan has failed to show the independent leadership we had hoped from her. I believe in the common sense of the people of our district and across America. Main Street—and those local businesses—can support our communities if we give them a chance. Parents know what’s best for our children—not an ever-growing nameless, faceless bureaucracy.

We must reduce the power and size of government and increase our power in our communities and our lives. I stand ready, willing, and able to lead the charge. I ask my fellow citizens to send me to Congress—because I believe in the promise of America.

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Don Asplen
CEO, Achievement House Cyber Charter School

“Guy has the unique ability to find and summarize in simple terms the root cause of any issue and then craft unifying solutions. Given the increasing division surrounding today’s social, political and economic issues, Guy is uniquely qualified to mend fences and bring people back together.”

Brian Di Sabatino
CEO, EDiS Company

“I’ve been in the building business all my life. There have been few leaders who understand the needs of our employees, customers and our industry like Guy does. He’s desperately needed in this state during this challenging time.”

Andrew Braun
Growth & Development Director & Financial Advisor, Northwestern Advisors

“Nobody has advocated more for Chester County’s business community before and especially since the pandemic than Guy. He challenged our current government both to cut through  red tape and to help get businesses back to work safely and to demand financial transparency with our tax dollars..."

Dave Magrogan
CEO, Harvest Seasonal Grill

“When the pandemic began and as the pandemic continues to impact lives and livelihoods, Guy Ciarrocchi was a rational leader and advocate for citizens and small business owners.  Guy was an irreplaceable resource for small business owners trying to navigate through unprecedented times. There were so many inconsistencies during the height of the pandemic, it was leaders like Guy that helped get our message to politicians and leaders to help our businesses survive very difficult times. 

I found Guy’s ability to articulate the position of small business owners and hold local and state level political leaders accountable to be very reassuring during the darkest days.  Guy exhibited rational, common sense, and consistent leadership for our community before and during the pandemic.  He is the kind of leader we need to help bring Pennsylvania back economically and restore balance to our divided commonwealth.

Guy has demonstrated decades of real business world experience, political leadership, and worked tirelessly to support small businesses and the citizens of the Commonwealth over the past 18 months.”

Bill Covaleski
Founder & Brewmaster, Victory Brewing Company

“Guy cares deeply about the communities he serves. This leads to great results for those communities as his personal engagement and commitment serves as a powerful backbone of professional support.

Perpetually enthusiastic and caring, Guy has a long, positive history of weaving a dynamic, durable and productive community fabric of the individual needs, interests and capabilities that come his way.

One could not ask for a more dynamic, astute and caring facilitator than Guy. His incredible history of advancing and supporting the interests of the communities he’s served is remarkable.”

Michelle Kichline
Chester County Commissioner

“As a county commissioner, I had the opportunity to work with Guy in his role as head of Chester County Chamber of Commerce. As the head of the Chamber, he was a strong advocate for our business community.  He worked tirelessly during Covid for the rights of large and small business in Chester County.”

Kimberly J. Brumbaugh
Founder & Managing Partner, Brumbaugh Wealth Management

Guy Ciarrocchi is a true advocate for small and mid-size businesses for Chester County and Pennsylvania as a whole. He has a deep understanding of the important issues needing to be addressed like taxes, employment wages, etc. His current position as CEO and President of the Chester County of Business and Industry “CCCBI” and his former roles as Chief of Staff for Lt. Governor Jim Cawley and U.S. Rep. Jim Gerlach have prepared Guy to serve the constituents of Pennsylvania well – a leader that’s focused on what’s important, a leader that’s not afraid to speak the truth, a leader that’s willing to advocate for what’s right and benefits everyone. And it’s not just about business (although that’s important), he’s a gentleman with integrity and also understands our state’s social/financial challenges, those relying on government benefits and will always be fair in making recommendations on helping our communities in need of responsible benefits and funding for them.”

KatIE Hetherington Cunfer
Director of Government & Community Relations, Greater Reading Chamber Alliance

“Guy gets it. He has the knowledge and experience of both the public and private sector so he could actually implement positive change on Day 1. Guy has been a tireless advocate for the Chester County business community, and he will be a champion for the growth and prosperity for all Pennsylvanians. I believe in his vision for our Commonwealth and the bright future it will bring.”

Liz Ferry
Ward 1 Commissioner, Upper Dublin Township

“As a municipal official, I know that small businesses and shops are the backbone of a strong community. Guy understands that too, and will work tirelessly to help employers thrive and grow.”

Laurie Ryan
President, Exton Region Chamber of Commerce

“Happy to lead, follow or get out of the way’ has been Guy’s mantra to our colleagues over the past 18 months as it pertains to influencing the growth of the economy and fully opening businesses throughout the whole state of PA. His passion has been unwavering.”  

Pennsylvania Fifty Over 50

Don't let Guy Ciarrocchi's title as president of the Chester County Chamber fool you into thinking that his home turn isa ll that's on his mind. Chirrocchi is one of the commonwealth's fiercest advocates for growth. With COVID-19 devastating small and large businesses alike, Ciarrocchi has been fighting to ensure that every business not only survived the pandemic, but came back full-strength. His unwillingness to accept the status quo and passionate advocacy for change make him one of the commonwealth's loudest champions.